Russian Summer Camp 2014

The wilderness school WILDNISWISSEN offers the wilderness tour Taiga Summercamp in cooperation with the Biological Station Chisty Les in Russia. The Biological Station is located approximately 450 km north-west of Moscow. In the station wild animals, especially bears and wolves, are brought up in preparation for their reintroduction to the wild.

Astrid and Rüdiger Szelest guided the group. Professor Valentin Pazhetnov, head and a wellknown researcher, welcomed us with his team far away from roads and civilization in the village Bubonitsy. Together and with the support of the research team, we enjoyed tracking the wild animals. In addition to bears and wolves, moose, lynx, raccoon dogs, badgers, beavers and a lot of other animals are living deep in the woods. Many birds were to be discovered and we found rare plants in this unspoiled wilderness.


We focussed our attention on the brown bears. In and around the station. The researcher team shared their stories and experiences with us so we discovered and learned a lot about the Russian nature and ecology. We lived in the village with the families Bologov and Pazhetnov, were happy and touched because of their openness and warm hospitality.It was a hot and wonderful summer in Russia. Enjoying the wildlife, swimming in crystal lakes, sitting at the campfire in the evening under a wonderful clear, starry sky. Far from our daily routine, life is different in the wilderness.

Wideness, freedom, silence.